Transferring a Case

If and when you decide to switch counsel on a matter, you will want to be sure the transition is smooth.

The first step is to fully communicate with both attorneys so they understand the case is being transferred, the timing of the transfer, and your goals for the transfer.  Encourage them to call one another to discuss the case.  You might also ask former counsel to share his objectives and strategy with new counsel.

The next step is to make sure your file is copied and delivered to new counsel.  The file should include the notes, correspondence, pleadings, and court documentation.  Your former counsel may need a little time to copy and send the file, which is all the more reason to clue him in as soon as possible.

Finally, as you move forward with new counsel, be sure to specifically state your goals for this new representation.  You don’t want to have to transfer counsel a second time.  You will find that attorneys are hesitant to take cases that have already transferred counsel once.