5 Easy Tips to Impress the Judge

Here are five easy ways to impress the judge, whether you appear pro se or with counsel.

1) All hearings are recorded so the court has a record.  The recording technology only captures audible and clear voices.  Speak with a strong and clear voice so the judge does not need to tell you to speak up.

2) At the start of a hearing, every person appearing before the court must introduce his or her name to the record.  Be prepared to state your name, once again audibly and clearly.  For example, “Good morning, your honor, Joe Smith.”

3) Address the judge as “Your honor.”  For example, “Your honor, we’re here before you on a Complaint for Contempt filed September 1, 2013.”

4) Know your facts, and practice presenting them in a clear way.  If you are worried you will freeze during the hearing, bring a legal pad with a cheat sheet of names and dates of birth for children, addresses for property, and other pertinent data.

5) Keep calm, and never interrupt the opposing party, opposing counsel, or the judge!