It’s Never Too Late to Reconcile

I was trying to reach a client for a few weeks to prepare for his motion hearing on temporary child support.  I sent him postal mail, email, and numerous voice mails yet he was non-responsive.  Finally, the afternoon before the hearing, he called me.  “The divorce is off!  My wife is moving back in!” he excitedly said.

To be honest, my very first thought was that he must by lying.  Reconciliations occur infrequently in my line of work.  However, the next day, his wife appeared at court to sign a Joint Motion to Dismiss the Divorce Complaint.  She was in good spirits.

We had a very brief hearing and the judge—a generally stoic one—smiled and congratulated the couple.  Their reconciliation meant one less case on his crowded docket, one less child support case through the Department of Revenue, one less couple for the probation department to meet, and thousands of dollars saved in attorney’s fees.  When you think you might be able to reconcile, try it!  It’s good for your bank account, the state’s budget, and it’s likely to benefit you too.