Parenting Education Courses (Standing Order 4-08)

In Massachusetts, divorcing parents of minor children are required to complete a parenting education course.  A number of parenting classes are available around the state.  The purpose of the parenting education course is to ensure that all parties vying for custody or time-sharing are aware of the needs of their children.  Even amicable, experienced parents must complete this course for the court’s peace of mind.

If a party cannot complete the course due to incarceration, language barrier, or military service, they must file this motion.   If granted, the court may allow the party to attend an online course.

Parties must pay for the parenting education course.  If a party cannot afford the fee, the party should file an Affidavit of Indigency with the court.  If granted, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will pay the cost on behalf of the indigent party.