Divorce Stress Relief

It is sometimes said that there are three types of divorce:  a legal divorce, a financial divorce, and an emotional divorce.  Your lawyer can deliver your legal divorce and financial divorce, and a seasoned CPA or financial planner can assist with the financial divorce.  But who can you turn to for the emotional divorce? 

In collaborative divorce, a “divorce coach,” generally a psychologist or social worker, assists with stress and emotional management.   For those people who have not chosen a collaborative divorce, or for those who did and still would like more emotional assistance, stress reduction yoga is a tool for managing the stress of divorce.  The Boston area is host to several excellent yoga studios.  Recently, I learned about a local therapist, Susan Davis, who doubles as a yoga instructor; she provides both talk and yoga therapy to assist you through the emotional upheaval of your divorce or separation.  Releasing stress through yoga therapy, or with a divorce coach, will likely make you stronger, more reasonable, and more effective at the negotiation table.